We love to hear your thoughts about your experience with Naja Tea! Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to experience Naja Tea (Tealicious & Sassafras). I must say that it is quite simply some of the best I have ever had. Delicious and detailed in taste, the unique flavors are a treat for the palate.

Brian M.

Long Beach, CA

I love the lingering fragrances of each of the teas but the one that always gets me is Sassafras. Its distinct spicy aroma reminds me of my mother’s kitchen, stocked with exotic and mysterious spices that combine to make the most memorable dishes. Just a whiff of the spices and black tea in the Sassafras blend takes me back home every time.

Miriyam M.

Signal Hill, CA

I am an avid tea drinker and college student, so I am more than familiar with the need for a healthy caffeine pick me up. I recently experienced Naja Tea for the first time, and I absolutely love the Tahiti blend iced! It makes me feel like I am on a tropical vacation, and the fragrance of the tea, even before it is brewed, is delicious.

Christina D.

Los Angeles, CA

My mornings have been so enhanced by the scent and enjoyment of my cup of Bolivian Black Naja Tea! Can’t wait until I can pick my first tin from my local vendor 😉

Char G.

Los Angeles, CA

I was not a tea drinker, but now, after experiencing Naja Tea, I am a convert. I love the unique flavor combinations, the beautiful packaging, the smell of each blend, even the actual tea is beautiful. What I have enjoyed as well is learning about the experience of drinking tea. The careful preparations, the anticipation as the flavors steep and the colors deepen, the warmth you feel as you hold the cup in your hands, and the shared moment as you take a sip with your guests, friends, and family, all are a part of what makes Naja Tea so special. I proudly share it, serve it, and talk about it. It is a wonderful tea and a special company.

Nancy C.

California Heights, CA