Our Philosophy

A company’s philosophy generally stands for the basic values and beliefs that its people are expected to hold and be guided by — informal, unwritten guidelines on how people should perform and conduct themselves. When a company holds to their philosophy in every aspect of what they do, it becomes a powerful force indeed.

At Naja Tea, we stand for quality, integrity, and curiosity. We strive daily to maintain high standards in every aspect of our business. Beginning with who and how we hire, to the relationships we develop with vendors and customers alike, and the choices that we make in creating environmentally conscious, quality products and relevant and unique services.

As we know better, we do better. We keep up with the latest news and developments in the business of tea to stay competitive and to bring that knowledge into the marketplace and to you, our customer. Our mission is to provide a positive, significant, and sensational experience with Naja Tea.

In short, our philosophy in business (and in life) is to:

LIVE. – With integrity and enthusiasm
BE. – Curious, conscious, and generous
EXPERIENCE. – Each moment with vigor, openness, and gratitude